Consultancy services

Consultancy services

E-Commerce Consulting

You are determined to enter e-commerce, but which software should you start with? How do the procedures work? Which virtual store platforms do you want to be on? What are the commission rates? What are the integration solutions? We give you answers to all questions and offer software solutions.



Stock management

One of the biggest failures of e-commerce platforms is customer dissatisfaction due to stock management. Products that cannot go on time, products that cannot be sold at their prices, and unfounded products pull the rope of the companies down. We prepare all processes, from the accounting program you use for stock management to integration systems, in accordance with your accounting program.



Technological Solutions

We provide technical support and supply of the technological devices you will buy for your companies or the barcode devices that you will use for stock management. Thermal printers, barcode communication devices and mobile solutions will make your work much easier.


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